For our introductory project we were given a group task to produce a sequence of images exploring black and white. We were to interpret the meanings and connotations of these ideas amongst ourselves and come together to create up to 30 images exploring what we had found. There being five of us, we broke that up into six images each, with the intention of each set of six forming part of a larger overarching story.

Following on from my previous entries exploring the use of light and dark in art, my initial ideas focused on white and black as competing for the space in the image:

bwboard 3.jpg(Conflict, embodied as birds fighting for the space. The black uses wings to sweep forcefully across the shot, while the white’s beak and talons invade space occupied by the black. The choice of bird features is partially inspired by different animal styles of kung fu, which use fist shapes reminiscent of the natural weapons of several animals.)

Or, white as a light element encroaching on or revealing black shapes:

(A toothlike white shape surrounds and compresses the darkness, which leaks from its entrapment and retakes the space. For this I was interested in giving the whiteness a painful looking shape, to evoke light penetrating the darkness. In crushing the darkness, however, the white shape is overtaken again as it fails to contain the dark. I gave the dark shapes smooth and straight edges in contrast to the points of the white area, as I was trying to give the dark a more passive, peaceful feeling than the aggressive white shape.)

bwboard 1.jpg(Something glimmers in the dark. A band of light sweeps across the scene, revealing a dark crevice, but nothing visible inside it. Once the light passes, the glimmer reappears. This idea was inspired by the Magritte pieces I looked at in my research, particularly the idea of a light that fails to reveal something hidden, contrary to the viewer’s expectations.)

When we came back together to pool our ideas, a common theme was along the lines of some kind of conflict narrative. Two of our group in particular both had an idea based around games like chess and dominoes, which gave us the idea of creating a sequence that played with several different games and resolved with the conflict being revealed as a friendly game all along. In the next entry I will post my part of the final sequence and talk about my thought process behind it.