Our introductory project was in five parts that we wanted to tie together into one narrative. To this end, and going with the game theme we decided on previously, the structure we plotted out was an introductory part; then a part each featuring dominoes, Tetris, and chess as inspiration; and lastly an ending to wrap up the sequence – my part was this final section.

We conferred with each other on how the final images in each set would transition into the next person’s section to give the sequence cohesion. The middle parts were all being done digitally, but since the opening was to be done in charcoal, I opted to make the ending images in charcoal too, to bookend the middle parts nicely.

The fifth part had a chess theme, and my task was to effectively ‘zoom out’ from the game itself and reveal the players, which would cast the various moods of the previous pieces in a different light, almost like a dialogue. I needed one image to transition out from the previous section, so it needed a shot of a queen and a fallen pawn. From there, I pulled back to reveal the players, had one of them consider for a moment, and then concede the game.

I decided to play to the strengths of the charcoal and to add interest to the final concept, so instead of making it clear which pieces or player was playing white and which was playing black, I used gradients and contrasting values to leave that question unanswered. Ultimately, which side is which ends up not being important, as the conflict shown was a game all along.

For a future post I will try to gather the whole sequence of images together from the rest of the group for ease of viewing on this blog, and link to posts made by the rest of the group detailing their own sections of the sequence.