On further consideration and after some discussion with my tutors, I think I have found the focus I am most interested in for this year. In my previous work I have always been very intrigued by the incorporation of animals and animal allegory in terms of creature design, character design, storytelling and metaphor.

There are many ways to explore this, particularly with regard to animation. It offers a chance to experiment with animating the movement and locomotion of real and imaginary creatures, for example. It also gives an opportunity to play with character acting influenced by animal elements, which could range from anthropomorphic characters, to human/animal hybrids, to simply introducing some subtle mannerisms to add flavour to non-animal characters.

Beyond the more technical aspects of animation, there is a rich storytelling tradition of animals as symbolism and allegory throughout history. From Aesop’s Fables to the Roman de Renart to Blacksad, animals as metaphor for the human condition has countless possibilities for exploration.

I believe this topic will give me ways to investigate these possibilities in my own work and also provide usable examples of animation and storytelling for a working portfolio.

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