Started the second model. It’s coming along quickly, with help from numerous reference images of sphynx cats – though I couldn’t quite sculpt the loose skin right until I changed it to a fleshy looking material. The default red wax just didn’t have the same feel!

For reference, the above header image is my initial illustration of this design, and what I’m working off to create this model.

The sculpt so far:


It’s a bit of a jigsaw of various steps right now, but now I’ve got all the methods I need in my head I can proceed in a more orderly fashion. Some proportion tweaks needed, but I’ll leave those till after I sculpt the paws/hands so I can rebalance the anatomy all at once. I also sculpted it with straighter legs than the illustration, because I feel like then I can ‘drop’ it into a more crouched position in the actual animations and get a better feeling of weight that way.

For this model, I think doing the fur as polygons with alpha transparencies would work very effectively to create a thin, patchy look. I’m interested to try it out.