After some further intensive getting to grips with the ZBrush-to-Maya process (and redoing parts I realised I could now do much better), here’s an updated render of my fox headed character, who for the sake of not having to call her that forever, I’ve named Ridley for the time being.

fox-screencap6(Importing of redone teeth imminent. Until then she’s lost her dentures somewhere, I guess)

Since my last post about this model, I understand a lot more about various aspects of Maya (rendering, texturing, the xGen hair system, creating UVs, importing/exporting) and I’m pleased by how much I’ve managed to absorb in a relatively short time. I would like to get these models rigged and squared away preferably in the next two weeks or so, so I have time to prepare my second presentation material and also so I can have a nice clean run at starting to animate them going into the final section of the course.

So, the last things I need to get finished on Ridley before then:

  • Re-texture clothing better
  • Finish teeth and put them in
  • Finalise look of the fur
  • Finalise her rig, including her eyeballs and the ends of her bandana
  • Blendshapes/morph targets of her expressions and maybe phonemes

(I could add her lower jaw to the rig, but it might be better to use blendshapes for that movement. I’ll try it out.)