The Leopard-Man model still has a bit of ZBrush sculpting left to do, but it will be much less complicated to finish in Maya, as it has no clothes to have to worry about. All it will need is texturing, adding fur, and rigging. (I have some ideas for a few more advanced little things to do with its rig, if I can pull them off, so I will be getting the Leopard-Man into Maya as quickly as possible so I can start playing with some possibilities.)

Needless to say I’ve been poring over lots of reference pictures of wrinkly bald sphynx cats and also lykoi cats. (AKA werewolf cats! the sparse, patchy fur on the less-covered ones is a really good match for my Leopard-Man design. If I had one I would name it Lon Chaney Jr.)

In the meantime, following some feedback that I need to think more about the line of action in my character drawings, I sketched some Leopard-Man gestures and tried to get some good catlike motions happening. Focusing on some defensive postures in particular, as I intend for it to have a cautious (but explosive) nature.


Going to do some gesture studies of cats from life soon, that will help inform my ideas further.