I’ve started the 2D animations i’m going to refer to for creating my 3D clips. As my strength lies in 2D drawing I feel that planning the sequences out like this will give me the best basis for making sure the movement and timing is good before I add the 3D models into the mix, and also lets me plan out camera angles etc beforehand. It may be that I take short sequences like these and string them together for a longer sequence for an audience to review.

lpman anim test 1

The initial keyframes for a jump and settle for the Leopard-Man.


lpman anim test 4


Added some breakdowns to smooth out the motion, and put the beginning frames on twos as they initial jump was going too fast. Still needs some cushioning in the beginning when the front legs hit the ground and arrest its forward motion a bit, as it feels a little weightless currently. I’d like to add a snarl to the end, too, to go with its defensive stance.

lpman upwalk 1b.gif

Contact and passing position keys for an upright, more human-like walk. I am trying to keep the animalistic movement to a minimum in this one, despite the non-human leg anatomy.