I’ve blocked out the Leopard-Man’s animal-like animation, all that’s left is to fix the body looking so stiff by putting up and down motions in the head/chest/hips as it moves. There are also some small fixes needed where the claws clip through where the floor plane would be. I’m pleased with the crouch/settle at the end and the tail movement following the hips down to the ground, though I still need to animate the tail through the initial walk cycle properly. After some feedback from my tutors I exaggerated the push forward the creature makes as it snarls, and I think that gave it a lot more impact than before.

Initially I had the creature walking flatter on its palms, however the way I had the wrists rigged didn’t allow for very natural-looking bending. You can see here they lose a lot of volume when deforming and bend at a strange place anatomically:

So I made an alteration to my plan and edited the set keys on the fingers so they could be bent further back, and made the creature walk more on its fingers instead, as in the first clip in this post. I wanted to keep some of the flat palm action in the animation, however, as it was a more human kind of motion and I was intrigued by having that turn into a much less human position through the course of a single step.

I have also made a start on animation the more human-like clip of the Leopard-Man, after a 2D plan:

lpman upwalk 3.gif

(Hey look, something not from a totally flat side angle.)

I wanted it to be reasonably similar to Ridley’s run/stumble/recover sequence so there was more of a basis for comparison when I survey people about them. When I’ve finished blocking it out in 3D tomorrow I’ll upload my progress on it.


Quad walk cycle referenced from:
Williams, R. (2001). The Animator’s Survival Kit. 1st ed. London: Faber and Faber.